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I taught Electronic Products as part of the Design Technology syllabus for ten years. During that time I developed ways of making electronics more accessible to students.

Most electronics manuals over complicate concepts and use language that can make them difficult to understand.

Through these easy to follow books readers can build up their understanding of electronics using a systems approach.

Each component is introduced and their function is described in a way that is easy to understand.

The guides will build up to circuit design, simple projects that you can create and we will also cover some of the mathematical equations used when designing circuits.

We are taking a systems approach, this means that we will break circuits down into inputs, processes and outputs.

In this part we will focus on OUTPUT components.

Output components are components such as motors, LED’s. Outputs are the parts of the circuits that do work.

Each component will be described, the circuit symbol will be included and there will also be a description of the component.

Future guides will include process components, circuit design and project examples.

If you’re interested in using microcontrollers, I also have an easy to use guide to developing circuit diagrams, PCB’s and flow charts for the Genie series of microcontrollers from New Wave Concepts.


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