Price: $549.95 - $499.99
(as of Oct 13,2021 14:58:26 UTC – Details)

The SHOCKWAVE remote control features a full color graphic LCD screen which displays your sound list or sound categories, has a barometer indicator, moon phase indicator, temperature indicator, battery level indicator, timer or time clock, FOXBANG technology and much more. FOXPRO’s SHOCKWAVE redefines what an electronic game call can do with several new FOXPRO innovations. FOXMOTION allows you to automatically fade the sound from the left speakers to the right speakers to help “sell” the reality of your call sounds. FOXFUSION allows you to mix and match any two sounds at the same time during your calling sequence. s unmatched customer support and is proudly made in the USA.

Fox motion mimic moving prey by fading sound from left speaker to right one, Fox Fusion Mix match any two sounds of your choice
Fox pitch manipulate the “pitch” of any sound in an effort to trigger a response, cast virtually hands-free calling with Fox cast sequence files
Fox Bang automatically maps your caller to a predetermined setting after discharging your firearm
2 Reentrant horn speakers, 2 Tweeters, File formats MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, 24B, and FXP
100 preloaded sounds (1000 capacity), operates on 10 AA batteries
4 speaker system
Moon phase indicators; temp and barometer readings


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