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MOYUWE lcd digital microscopeMOYUWE lcd digital microscope

Allows to be connected to Windows computer for larger view and instant data sharing, support taking photos and recording videos, which will be saved in the computer hard drive

How to Connect microscope to Computer: (Support System: Windows 7/8/10)

Set PC Camera on microscope: Menu > set up > USB > PC Camera
Connect the microscope to PC and run Windows camera
Zoom in and out and focus

digital microscopes with screendigital microscopes with screen


MOYSUWE Digital microscopeMOYSUWE Digital microscope

Help kids become a scientist

MOYSUWE is specialized in digital microscope researching for years and devoted to manufacturing well-designed, reliable and high quality products.

Children Friendly

Metal Structured

Easy to assemble

Multiple people share view

Small footprint

Clear screen

Encourage Children Curiosity To Micro Science

Family/School Educational Tool

It’s great for young kids who shows a mild interest in science to explore the world around them.This digital microscope allow kids enjoy looking at things up close and use it for checking out garden flower in a funny way and help to encourage a curiosity and a strive to learn more.

Perhaps an interesting option to go on excursions with the children and examine anything that may interest them about nature.

LCD Screen Size: 4.3 Inch

Magnification: 50X-1000X

Image Capturing And Video Recording

Bright Lens illumination

Total portability

Quick Manual focus

PC Connection for Larger View

Charging USB cable included

lcd digital microscope 7 inchlcd digital microscope 7 inch

Great family gift for quality time spent!

coin microscope for error coins

coin microscope for error coins

electronic microscope

electronic microscope

 usb microscope camera

 usb microscope camera

lcd digital microscope

lcd digital microscope

8 LED Lights

The lens lights for lighting up the object under the scope are good and bright and it’s very easy to adjust the light brightness with the dial.

Manual Zoom and Focus

The magnifying power is achieved by varying the distance of the lens to the object you want to analyze and then focusing. The farther away the object lens is from the smaller magnification and vice versa.

Rechargeable and Replaceable Battery

The battery offers the possibility of using it approximately a little over 4 hours without having to recharge or connect it to the electricity grid. You can use this in the field where you can’t find a plug.

It can also be connected to a power bank.

Adjustable Metal Stand

It comes with a stand that can be raised, lowered. But you can also remove it from the stand and hold it near something you need to get a good look at.

PS: Avoid the lens is too close the reference object to out of focus.

 digital microscope digital microscope

lab handheld digital microscopes lab handheld digital microscopes

usb digital microscope

usb digital microscope

digital microscope camera

digital microscope camera

coin microscope

coin microscope

Include with 32GB SD Card

It came with a 32 GB card so you can store plenty of pictures or videos of your subject matter or into the computer to examine or show others.

It is a Camera

Very suitable for taking close-up photos of coins, plants, flowers, electronic Original etc.

Allow taking Video

Allow record videos even has a playback mode.It’s small and compact and easy to take a long on hikes if you want to take a recording of a specimen without removing it from its natural habitat.

【Ultra Crisp Image Quality】With built-in 16 megapixel precise camera sensor and 1080P digital imaging, this digital microscope creates incredible details at adjustable magnification range of 50 to 1000 times, bringing great experience for observing coins/soldering circuit boards/inspecting electronics, etc PS: This is a very good starter higher than any plain ol’ magnifying glass, but not professional lab microscopes to see cells
【10 Flexible LED Lights】Apart from 8 tiny LED fill lights surrounding the lens, the 2 brightness-adjustable side lights are flexible enough to illuminate different angles of the objects, making it far better to explore the micro world in some dark places PS: You can’t take a picture of the whole coin, using this digital microscope for examining tools and stuff of interest at a hobby. But we don’t suppose this for professional or serious use
【User Friendly Operation】Easy to assemble, adjust magnification and focus of this coin microscope. Simply raise or lower the microscope to adjust the object distant, rotate the knob to focus. Versatile enough for you to see through whatever you’re trying to look at PS: If you require extremely precise magnification, this digital microscope may not meet your requirements
【Cool Remote Control】Lots of functions such as “Menu, Take Picture, Record Video, Select application and enlarge image” are available. Conveniently control the USB microscope without blurring the image. The remote is an essential tool for not disturbing the microscope while taking video or camera PS: Cannot be used while charging, The remote control cannot zoom
【Larger Display Better View】7 inch LCD digital microscope screen functions like a small tablet shows fine details to everyone gathered around. Comparing with magnifier or eyepiece, The rotatable (90degrees) screen design greatly improves ergonomics and eliminates eye and neck strain PS: Connect the microscope to the PC, you cannot use the microscope screen alone
【Aluminum Constructed Made to Last】The stand and base are solid metal built which are much more stable than plastic, is great for examining stamps, ants, flowers, leaves and repairing clocks soldering on the desktop
【Portable & Compact Screen】Doesn’t need to be plugged in to function as it has a rechargeable battery which can last up to use to 4 hrs. Ideal for parents, adults, teachers, students, kids, children, collectors who interested in exploring microscopic world


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