Price: $1,249.00
(as of Oct 07,2021 07:47:42 UTC – Details)

It comes with; Professional Hard case Professional Tuning Key Professional Plectrums Professional Rings

Handmade by the best Kanun-maker in Turkey – Mustafa Saglama – you are feeling this constructional unicum in your hands, right after the first tone. He made it only for you according to the old traditional rules, and also according to his huge and masterly expertise, bringing you a stringed instrument to delight you for many years.
A trapezoid body with 78 strings gives you a very wide tonal horizon and brings you in the wonderful position to express your melodies at its best. Right below the strings you find a kind of carpeting, creating this distinguished sound opposite to its relatives, comparable to the drumhead of a Banjo.
Very artistic decorations in many places invite you to lose yourself in its musical beauty. The strings are made of the newer Fluorocarbon, which gives you bigger longevity of your strings, and that create the great tone, similar to Nylon strings.
Made by Plane wood. | Pegs Ebony | Strings PVF | Tuning from low A (la) to high E (mi) | 78 strings in 26 courses


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