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Our MUSICUBE history started in 2003, as our founder Johann – an architectural engineer – dreamed of bringing music and happiness to kids all over the world.

In the past many years we have deeply devoted ourselves to designing, developing and making music instruments appealing to kids and to perfect the quality , intonation and timbre of each single product we made , for the purpose of attracting and keeping kid’s interest in music while ensuring their safety in playing what we made.

We warmly welcome partners from all over the world to work with us and together bring the music dream to people in every corner of the word.


6 Bells Rhythm Clapper

6 pairs of tambourine jingles on a wood frame and handle. Produce a lively tone when shaken or tapped. Jingles have rolled edges for safety.

1 Pair Claves

Made of beech wood, these claves are lightweight and easily played by children and adults.They produce a light, bright sound when hit together.


Create a crisp muted shaker sound with this beautiful shaker.


The wooden tambourine is finely constructed of 4 set jingles, a plastic skin head and a natural, stain finish on rim. Shake, tap, or rattle to play.

Triangel with Metal Beater

These steel triangles produce a beautiful ringing tone. With a new easy-to-hold wood handle, the triangle is constructed to allow for maximum vibration.

Hand-bell with 7 Bells

The sleigh bells feature 7 bells securely mounted on a strap and attached to a wooden handle. The 7-bell version produces a sightly louder, more sustained tone.

1 Pair Wood-maracas

This small wood set of maracas is perfect for adults and children. Produce a more delicate, softer sound than plastic maracas.

Xylophone (C6-C7)

The xylophone is designed with a beautiful wood base. The 8 colored bar produce musical notes true to scale.



Every child is born with an innate musical sense. Just give them the tools to let it out. Music is most deeply learned at an early age and when nurtured daily through creative play with real instruments.

So our product is the a best gift choice for birthdays, Christmas, housewarming, graduation and much more.

Educational Music Toys

Our rhythm instrument set include an assortment of instrument combinations, ideal for accommodating different numbers of players in classroom. Each assortment has been carefully selected to provide a wide range of rhythm, timbre and pitch.

Physical Skills:

Sensory Processing, Gross & Fine Motor Skills, Sense of Rhythm

Cognitive Skills

Imagination & Creativity, Curiosity & Discovery, Self Expression & Confidence


Not suitable for children under the age of 3.

Do not use close to the ear.













♬ Safe for Kids: The musical instruments have been certified by TUV and meet the standard of ASTM F963. All the materials are safe and non-toxic. It’s very suitable for the child aged 3+.
♬ Professional Sound: Our MUSICUBE strive to assure that we are compliant with test our products accordingly. Every child is born with an innate musical sense. Just give your kids the tools to let them out.
♬ Scientific Music Toys:The percussion set comes with 8 types 13 pcs instruments, including Xylophone, Shake Eggs, Claves, Hand Bells, Triangle, Maracas, Rhythm Clapper and Tambourine instrument. It shows that music is not only fun but beneficial for cognitive development.
♬ Educational Toys: Our product not only can improve physical skills: sensory processing, gross & fine motor skills and sense of rhythm but also can improve cognitive skills: imagination & creativity, curiosity & discovery, self-expression & confidence.
♬ Perfect Gift Choice: 1-year guarantee was offered by MUSICUBE. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our product and service. And our product is a best gift choice for birthdays, Christmas, housewarming, graduation and much more.


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