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Kalimba (or carlimba) is a national musical instrument with African national characteristics. In different African countries, Kalimba has different names. For example, Kalimba is the name of the instrument in Kenya. In Zimbabwe, it is called mbira. The people of Congo call it likembe. It also has the names of sanza and thumb piano. It gets its name mainly because it uses its thumb to move the thin pieces on the body (mainly made of wood and bamboo, and also made of metal in modern development).

The vocal part of Kalimba consists of elastic metal strips of different lengths on the top and wooden or gourd boxes on the bottom. In the past, the raw materials of these metal bars were only the metal melted from the ore, but now they are generally made of carbon steel with higher hardness. Kalimba has many different shapes, and the number of steel bars is not certain. In some local concepts, the music played by this instrument can not only drive away the evil spirits of patients, but also play the role of praying for rain, so it is one of the most popular instruments in the tradition.

Kalimba is mainly used for accompaniment singing. When playing, you need to hold the body in both hands, and then play with two thumbs. When the thumbs are pressed and released, the steel sheet will vibrate and make a sound. Kalimba is small and easy to carry. Many people will take it to spend their time along the way. What’s more, Kalimba’s sound features are ethereal and clear, similar to the octave box, but more transparent. It’s a good gift for leisure, entertainment and evolution. It’s also an entry-level musical instrument for music lovers.

Package List:
1 *21-key Kalimba
1 * Instruction & Music Book
1 * Note Sticker
1 * Tuning Hammer
1 * Clean Cloth

Note: Kalimba has been tuned before packaging, players can use it directly without retuning until the sound is not accurate.

Ergonomic Design – On the premise of ensuring sound effect, hand-held comfort and beautiful appearance are taken into consideration. It is not only a simple musical instrument or meaningful gift but also a work of art.
Easy to Play – Keys are engraved musical note and the English instructions can help you easier to play although you don’t have any music basis. Kalimba Music instruments is good gift for professionals, musicians, music lovers, bands, beginner and children.
Packgage Includes – Thumb piano, tune hammer, instruction book, stickers, cleaning fabric.
Perfect Gift – The finger piano has the image of the sun god next to the sound hole, which symbolizes the patron saint of mankind. It is beautiful and powerful. It is a great holiday gift for children, friends, lovers and students.


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