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Our Deluxe Natural Frog Guiro is better than other frog instruments because of the construction, finish, and sound. It the large enough to create a realistic ribbit-like sound, like a croaking frog, when played correctly. It is also a low-range pitch as a wood tone block. INSTRUCTIONS: Use the wood stick (included) to gently rake up the frog’s back to create a lower-pitch cricket chirp. Or lightly tap the nose of the frog with a thick end of the striker to get a resonating note as a wood tone block. Store the striker in the frog’s mouth. NOTE: This size frog guiro is large enough to be safe for younger children and strong enough to hold up to the rough handling of children.

How to use: Hold the wooden frog by its front feet tightly. Use the playing stick by holding on to the tapered tip side to rub its back from the back to front. If you change the tool such as metal, plastic, or glass, the sound will be changed and produced different frequencies.
Size and material: 5 cm./ 2″, 8 cm./ 3″, 10 cm. / 3.5″ (measured from the mouth to the tip of the hind leg) This musical instrument is a natural wood product by drilling a hollow in the middle to make its sound. You will enjoy its fresh chime. It is a musical instrument that miraculously mimics the sounds of frogs in nature. And if you play many of them at the same time, it will be like hearing the frog families singing in front of your front yard.
Cautions and advice: Do not put in your mouth. It is for children to develop the development of their senses such as hands and arms. The children can enjoy their music skills. Moreover, we can also insert various knowledge of teaching such as the sound of nature, animals sound, and livelihood.
Use: It is suitable for family recreational activities, lectures, or using as a soundtrack, sound effects, and expressions, talent show on social media, including decoration for your room.


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