Price: $100.00
(as of Oct 07,2021 11:14:42 UTC – Details)

Pan flute is a Chinese traditional musical instrument which is combined with several pipes of the same material by using bundling, bonding, or frame fixed to integrate them together. In the internal tube is blocked with beeswax or cork. When playing, airflow goes over the top and impacts the other side to shake the inner tube wall, and then make music. Due to beeswax and cork’s different position, the periods of airflow vibration in the tube can be different, so the different vibration frequency of airflow makes different tones.
The product is made of bamboo with a life span of more than 4 years, the sound is strong and beautiful.
It is easy to learn and is suitable for children and adults. It is one of the beginners, professionals and music lovers and favorite instruments.

Handmade and high quality
Pipes Number: 15 Pipes
Material: bamboo
Performance, woodwind instrument


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