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This is the New Baby Crib Mobile Bed Bell Holder Arm Bracket + Wind-up Music Box with Songs, it with light music helps your baby easier fall asleep, easy operation and convenient use, it will be hooked and rotate while playing music, and you can pause while playing.


Size: 88cm x 33cm

Diameter of the music box:7cm


Package weight: 380g

The total height of the Baby Crib Mobile Bed Bell Holder:88cm







It is easy to use it:rotating the protruding button, then let go the button, the music box will play music, there is a pause button on the music box, you can push the button to pause the music when you want to pause it.

Light music helps your baby easier fall asleep. Listening to music will help teach your infant about patterns and sequence, and about rhythm, beat and tone which are useful for problem-solving and reasoning.

Music may even help strengthen premature babies. Early music exposure can help promote critical listening skills, language and literacy, creativity and coordination.

Hook Rotates while playing music, you can pause while playing.
Material: ABS material in white without pollution
Wind-up Music Box:The sound power from Spring, use the key to turn the Spring tightly, then release and will be playing, and the name of the song is random.
Playing speed: 12-20″; Full playing time: 2-3′ ; Service life:¨R500 times


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