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According to munley’s theory of education, it is important to carefully and rigorously select the pendant in the infant’s initial environment.Because sensory development (vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch) is the most important and maximal ratio in infancy.So baby condole is acted the role of it is to help the visual development of the baby sensory development, the study ability that does not look down upon newborn!Don’t think the baby will only cry, eat and sleep, get up to defecate…What all want adult to embrace, coax. When you choose the right pendant, you will find that your baby will stare at the pendant with ecstasy, but also very calm and do not cry.I learned from the experience of Mini mother’s baby class practice and visiting/observing Mongolian baby class in general nurseries in Canada that the most interesting thing for infants is actually the simpler baby hanging decorations。 The Montessori Mobile helps; Practice that encourages focus. 2. Help babies develop vision. Give the baby what dynamic gravity is.(when the things on the pendant move slowly) 4. Cultivate aesthetic taste. 1. Munari Mobile: for babies 3 to 6 weeks old Munari Mobile is a very famous and important tool in the teaching of Montessori 0-3 years old.It was designed by Dr. Munari, a montessori student.We call it “the first pendant in the Montessori series.” 2.Octahedron Mobile: perfect for 5-8 week olds Octahedral pendant is “the second pendant in the Montessori pendant series.” babies around five weeks old begin to gradually develop a focus on moving objects, object tracking, and perception of color and depth.And octahedral condole is acted the role of with the basic color in the color red, yellow, blue will help baby vision to develop 3.The Gobbi mobile: suitable for babies from 7 to 50 weeks old 4.Dancers Mobile Suitable for infants aged 8-50weeks

Function ;The Montessori Mobile helps;Practice encouraging your baby to focus. Help babies develop their vision. Give your baby dynamic gravity.(when the things on the pendant move slowly) . Cultivate aesthetic taste.
Usage;All mobiles are assembled,There is a S hook included for every mobile you can use to hang from a crib arm (not included) or from the ceiling. This does not include the crib arm. This is not a toy, it is intended for decoration only and should be hung out of little ones reach.
Tested:The parts we use to amass the Mobiles have been tried under the accompanying gauges: USA Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, Sec. 101(a): Total lead content for substrate in kids’ items. USA Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, Sec. 101 (f) and 16 CF.
package:1.Munari Mobile 1pc. 2. Octahedron Mobile 1pc.3.The Red Gobbi mobile 1pc.4.Dancer mobile 1pc,5.S hook 4PCS


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