Price: $399.99
(as of Sep 26,2021 10:17:27 UTC – Details)

The AnyTone AT-D578UVIIIPRO is a true TRI band radio for DMR radio systems, compatible with MOTOTRBO Tier 1 and 2. Traditional FM is of course, equally supported. In contrast to many other DMR radios, the 578 offers real VFO operations, which makes it much more suitable for amateur radio 4000 memory channels, 10,000 talk groups, 500,000 digital contacts. The AT-D578UVIIIPRO is a fantastic mobile radio with the same functionalities as an “878UV HT but with more power in a mobile case”. Including all the well-known functions like APRS -HAS APRS Location data transmit ability only, no other APRS abilities – Cannot receive APRS digital roaming, Has Bluetooth option – So you can connect your radio to your favorite audio device. The AT-D578UVIIIPRO now offers the possibility to receive DMR and analog channels at the same time. Of course, you can receive two analog channels as well. For easy setting, each of the two bands has its own volume control, which is assigned to one VFO each. APRS functionality is based on your areas local repeaters and support. This Radio is a technical product that requires technical knowledge on how to operate. It is shipped with the latest firmware and software as of its production. Firmware updates are not necessary but can be performed by the user. Please use included guides and resources.

EXCELLENT TX/RX SOUND QUALITY AND CLEAR SPEAKER SOUND WITH BLUETOOTH – Very easy to hear the radio in your vehicle even with loud road noise.
FREE COURSE INCLUDED ON BRIDGECOM UNIVERSITY – With these step-by-step video tutorials to get you on DMR and making contacts fast you’ll be sure to Skip the Silence. ($97 value)
UP TO 50w OF HIGH POWER STRANSMITTING – Now you can have maximum range using your mobile.
EASY TO USE INTERFACE AND PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE – so simple to use that you won’t have any trouble making new contacts.
FRONT FACE PROGRAMABLE WITH VFO CHANNELS – You can now punch in repeaters and other frequencies on the fly without having to use the included programming software.
DUAL TIME SLOT MONITORING – so you can listen to multiple channels at the same time! That way you can have more activity and call in when you hear something you like.


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