Price: $99.99
(as of Sep 25,2021 13:00:04 UTC – Details)

Magnesium-aluminum alloy body, 2.5D electroplating mobile phone, beautifully curved and fashionable, with subtle luster. The rounded border lines are soft and graceful, like jade in the hand. Choosing it is not only a successful mobile phone purchase experience, but also a brand-new visual and feel trial. Believe us, whether it is you or your friends, the first time you see this phone, you will be surprised by its beauty.
Android 6.0, 1GB RAM+8GB ROM storage, provides excellent system operation experience and efficient performance. Due to the less storage consumption of Android 6.0, in addition to the lightweight optimization of the default system, this affordable phone is 13% faster than other ordinary Android phones. 7731 quad-core CPU optimizes power efficiency and energy consumption, open multiple programs at once. You can experience the silky smoothness of a high-end phone without spending a lot of money
FORGET THE TRADITIONAL DUAL CAMERAS, try our affordable “Photographer”. 1x 2MP front camera and 3 x 2MP rear cameras with soft flash (soft light allows you to take high-definition shooting or selfies at night, making the picture more beautiful and without overexposure) Flash and bokeh effects help to present the best picture of your journey, allowing you to capture, retain and share all the wonderful moments in life, record fragments with family, friends, children, lovers or a funny stranger
DYNAMIC FACE UNLOCKING. This is a technological innovation. Our mobile phones have efficient face recognition and unlocking functions. Are you tired of the traditional password unlocking, which is difficult to remember and time-consuming, and there is even the risk of password leakage and Worry. 3D dynamic face recognition does not require your hands to be unlocked at the speed of light within 0,05s. The face is a unique id, so there is no need to worry about the security of the phone.

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